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Course Quarter Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
Relational Database Design and SQL Programming 3.0
Python Programming for Beginners 1.5
Role of the Project Manager 1.5
Technology in Schools, Introduction (SB 2042 Standard 11) 2.0
Data Structures and Algorithms Using Python 3.0
Data Analysis, Introduction 3.0
Python for Data Analysis 3.0
Java Programming I 2.0
Python for Programmers 3.0
Python: Object-Oriented Programming 2.0
Project Leadership and Communication 3.0
Project Integration and Risk Management 3.0
System and Functional Verification Using UVM (Universal Verification Methodology) 3.0
Dashboards and Data Visualization 3.0
Applied Project Management 3.0
Finance for the Business Professional 1.0
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design 3.0 +
Principles of Marketing 2.0
Organizational Development and Change 2.0
Introduction to Machine Learning 3.0
ECE 1: Development in Early Childhood 4.0
Effective Negotiations: Principles, Strategies, and Techniques 1.5
SystemVerilog Assertions and Formal Verification 3.0
ECE 4: The Young Child in the Family and Community 4.0
Human Resource Management 1.5
Creating the Successful Team 1.5
Effective Employee Relations 1.5
Assistive Technology for Learning Differences 3.0 + +
Principles of Educational Therapy 3.0
HTML5 Fundamentals 2.0
Designing with Cascading Style Sheets: Advanced 2.0
Agile Project Management Using Scrum 1.5
ECE 8: Child Health, Safety and Nutrition 5.0
Science of Clinical Trials Design 2.5 Summer TBD
Visual Design for Digital Media 3.0
Law and Human Resource Management 2.0
Supply Chain Operations Management 3.0
Educational Therapy: Structured Literacy I 3.0
Integrated Marketing Communication 3.0
Big Data, Introduction 3.0
Physical Design Flow From Netlist to GDSII 3.0
Benefits Management: A Comprehensive Study of Employee Benefit Programs 2.0
Compensation Management 2.0
Mobile Interface Design 3.0
Business Communications 2.0
Advanced Verification with SystemVerilog OOP Testbench 3.0
Designing with Cascading Style Sheets: Fundamentals 2.0
Implementing Marketing and Sales Strategies 2.0
Capstone User Experience Project 2.0
Data Structures and Algorithms Using Java 3.0
Clinical Statistics for Non-Statisticians 2.0 Winter TBD
Docker Containers In-Depth 1.8
Social Media Marketing Fundamentals 2.0
Embedded Linux Design and Programming 3.0
Next-Gen Sequence Analysis Tools - A Hands-On Approach 3.0
C Programming I 2.0
Regulation of in vitro Diagnostics in Europe and the US 2.5
ECE 13: Adult Supervision and Mentoring 5.0
Understanding Learning Differences 3.0
ECE: Creative Arts for the Young Child (Preschool Through Grade 3) 3.0
ECE 7: Practicum in Early Childhood Education 5.0 + +
Evolving Role of Supply Chain Management 1.5
Managing the HR Staffing Function 1.5
Finance I, Fundamentals 3.0
Good Manufacturing Practices 3.0
Technology Impacts in the Supply Chain 1.5
Principles of Business Analysis 3.0
Experimental Methods in Molecular Biology 3.0
Logistics and Transportation Management 3.0
Effective Procurement Strategies 3.0
Bioinformatics Tools, Databases and Methods 3.0
CRM: Customer Relationship Management 2.0
Project Scheduling Essentials 1.5
Practical Design with Xilinx FPGAs 3.0
Consumer Insights: Data Analysis and Interpretation 2.0
Data Modeling, Introduction 2.0
Adobe Creative Suite 3.0
Educational Assessments II 3.0 Summer TBD
Customer Acquisition Strategies 2.0
Managing the Development of New Products 1.5
Lean-Agile Project Management: Achieving Business Value 1.5
Business Law and Its Environment 3.0
Interviewing for Success: Using Structured Interviewing Techniques 0.5
The Business of AI 1.5
Decision-Making Tools and Techniques 1.5
Designing, Building and Integrating RESTful API 2.0
ECE 5: Positive Guidance and Discipline for the Young Child 3.0
IO Design Fundamentals 3.0
Comprehensive Signal and Power Integrity for High-Speed Digital Systems 3.0
Facilitation Skills 2.0
Extreme-Agile Project Management 1.5
Leading People Through Change 1.0
Neurodivergent Learners 1.0 Winter TBD Summer TBD
Agile Product Life-Cycle Management (APLM) 1.5
Natural Language Processing 3.0
Power of Market Research 2.0
Linux Kernel and Drivers, Advanced 3.0
Validating Software for Medical Devices and Emerging Technologies 2.0
Marketing in Practice 2.0
Practical DFT Concepts for ASICs, SoC and SiP 3.0
Assessment, Evaluation and Placement 2.0
Culture and Cultural Diversity 4.0 Summer TBD
Analog IC Design, Introduction 3.0
Risk Management for Regulated Industries 3.0 Fall TBD Spring TBD
Post-Market Regulatory Obligations for Medical Devices 1.5
ECE: Principles of Infant/Toddler Caregiving 3.0
Mobile Health, SaMD, and AI/ML Devices 1.0
Medical Device Process Validation 2.0
Agile Software Development using TDD/BDD and Python 3.0
ECE 10: Supervision and Administration: Parents as Partners in Education 5.0
English As a Second Language Through Music and Movement 2.0
Methodology of Bilingual and English Language Development 4.0 Spring TBD
Networking Fundamentals 3.0
Value-Added Quality Audits 1.5
International Business and the Global Economy 3.0
High Efficiency Switch-mode Power Supply, Design Overview 3.0
Principle Based Leadership for Project Managers 1.5
Educational Therapy Practicum 5.0
Applied Digital Media Planning and Platforms 2.0
Teaching Beginning ESL Students: Principles and Practices 1.5
Java Programming II 3.0
Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) Excellence 1.0
The Internet of Things: Sensors, Platforms, Communications, and Applications 3.0
Supply Chain Decisions and Data Analytics 2.0
Outsourcing and Contract Management 1.5 + +
Application of Social Media for Business Growth 2.0
Foundations in Medical Devices: Developing Premarket U.S. Regulatory Strategies and Working in a Regulated Environment 2.0
Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence 3.0
Embedded Firmware Essentials 2.0
Linux System and Network Administration 3.0
User Experience Design, Advanced 3.0
Mobile Application Development - Android and iOS, Advanced 3.0
Strategic DEI Initiatives for HR Professionals 1.5
Immunology, Principles 3.0
Achieving Organizational Agility using the Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe© 1.5
People Analytics - Delivering Measurable Business Impact 1.5
Public and Analyst Relations 2.0
Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies 1.5
Talent Acquisition 1.5
Teaching Grammar, Level II 2.0
Schedule Optimization Techniques for Managers 1.5
Advanced DevOps Technologies 3.0
Advanced Social Media Marketing 2.0
System Virtualization Fundamentals 2.5
GANs for Data Synthesis 3.0
Managing International Projects 1.5
Workplace Conflict Resolution and Mediation 1.5
Search Engine Marketing 2.0
Gene Therapy: Hacking the Genome 1.5 Winter TBD
Python for Machine Learning 3.0
High-Performance Computer Architecture None
Hands-On Data Engineering 3.0
Generative AI Fundamentals 2.0
3D IC Packaging and Physical Verification None
Personal Development Seminar: Concepts in Next-Gen Sequence Analysis 0.5 Summer TBD
AI Tools for the Office 2.0
Intelligent Automation: Enhancing workflows with AI powered RPA 2.0
Cybersecurity for Safeguarding the Supply Chain 2.0
Rust Programming Fundamentals None
Principles of Drug Discovery and Development 4.0
Digital Logic Design Using Verilog 3.0
Mobile Application Development - Android and iOS, Introduction 3.0
ECE 12: Supervision and Administration of Early Childhood Centers, Part B 5.0
Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices: ISO 13485 and FDA Requirements 3.0
HTML5 Advanced and Javascript APIs 3.0 + +
ASIC Physical Design, Advanced 3.0
ECE 3: Curriculum Development in Early Childhood Programs 4.0
Linux Kernel & Drivers 3.0
User Experience Design Fundamentals 3.0
Business Intelligence Solutions 3.0
DevOps Technologies 3.0
Managing Software Projects 1.5
Good Clinical Practices 3.0
Software Quality Assurance and Testing 2.0
Strategies for Learning Differences in Mathematics 3.0
Design Control for Medical Devices 2.0
Estate Planning 3.5
ECE 2: Introduction to Teaching Young Children 3.0
Designing User Experience for AR, Smart Things, Virtual Reality, and Wearable Technology 3.0
Employment Benefits and Retirement Planning in Personal Financial Planning 3.5
The Internet of Things: Big Data Processing and Analytics 3.0
Management of Clinical Practice 3.0
ECE 11: Supervision and Administration of Early Childhood Centers, Part A 5.0
Educational Assessments I 3.0 Spring TBD
Embedded System Hardware Architectures, Introduction 3.0
ECE 6: Culture and Diversity in the Early Childhood Classroom 3.0
Applied Mathematics for Financial Planning 3.0
Clinical Data Management 2.0
Workplace Investigations 0.5
ECE: Brain Development in Early Childhood 3.0 Spring TBD
Drug Safety and Adverse Events Reporting 1.5 Fall TBD Spring TBD
Personal Financial Planning, Survey 4.0
Math Development in Young Children 2.0
Designing a UX or Visual Design Portfolio 2.0
Educational Therapy: Structured Literacy II 3.0 + +
NoSQL Databases, Introduction 3.0
Personal Financial Planning, Practicum 4.5 +
Techniques of Educational Therapy: Affective, Cognitive and Perceptual Elements 3.0
Income Taxation in Personal Financial Planning 3.5
Printed Circuit Board Design for Signal Integrity and EMC Compliance 1.5
Linux Systems Programming 3.0
Genomics and Next Generation DNA Sequencing: Methods and Applications 3.0
Web Applications Testing, Comprehensive 3.0
Medical Devices: Regulatory Strategies and Marketing Pathways 1.5
Investments in Personal Financial Planning: Principles and Methods 4.0
Linux, Introduction 2.5
Clinical Project Management 2.0
ECE: Infant/Toddler Growth and Development 3.0 Spring TBD
Communicating and Negotiating with the FDA 1.5 Fall TBD Spring TBD
Data Structures and Algorithms Using C++ 3.0
MySQL and Oracle Database for Developers and Designers 2.0
Viruses, Vaccines and Antiviral Therapy 1.5 Spring TBD
Risk Management in Personal Financial Planning 3.5
Product Marketing and Management 2.0
Preparing for FDA Inspections and Conducting Sponsor Audits 1.5
Introduction to Web Programming: JavaScript and PHP 2.0 Fall TBD
Linux System Performance in the Cloud and Data Center 3.0
Data Privacy and Security for Healthcare and Biosciences 1.5
Adobe Photoshop 3.0
Adobe Illustrator, Introduction 1.5
Foundations of Disciplined Agile for Project Managers 1.5
ECE 9: Language and Literacy for the Young Child 3.0
Document Preparation: Protocols, Reports, Summaries 1.5 Spring TBD
Language Structure 3.0 Fall TBD Spring TBD
Quality Management for Enterprises, Products, and Programs 2.0
FPGA Application in Autonomous Driving Systems, Introduction 3.0
Psychology of Human Learning 3.0
JUnit Test Framework 1.5
Terminating and Managing Problem Employees 0.5
Fundamentals of English Grammar for ESL Teachers 2.0
Medical Writing 2.0
Global Medical Device Submissions and Strategy 1.5
Kubernetes Container Orchestration Fundamentals 3.0
TESOL Practicum 5.0 Winter TBD
Regulatory Submissions: Devices and Diagnostics 2.5 Spring TBD
Artificial Intelligence for Robotics 3.0
Introduction to Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and NFTs 2.0
Web and Mobile Analytics 2.0
Managing Global Supply Chains 1.5
Biology of Cancer 2.0
Deep Reinforcement Learning 3.0
Timing Closure in Silicon IC Design 3.0
Introduction to VLSI and ASIC Design 3.0
European Medical Device Regulation: Clinical Evaluation and Post-Market Surveillance 3.0
Teaching Writing 2.0 Winter TBD Summer TBD
C Programming II 3.0
First and Second Language Development 3.0 + +
Real-Time Embedded Systems Programming, Introduction 3.0
Effective Performance Management 2.0
Human Factors and Usability in Medical Device Development 2.0 Spring TBD
AI Essentials 0.5
Java Threads 3.0 Summer TBD
Science Play: Inquiry-Based Learning Made Easy 1.0
Web Application Development Using React, Redux and TypeScript 2.0
C++ Programming 3.0
IO Concepts and Protocols: PCI Express and Ethernet 3.0
Building Integrated AI Applications 2.0
Wireless Communications and Mobile Antenna Design, Introduction 3.0
Healthcare Equity: Improving Access 1.5
Go Programming 3.0
Computational Intelligence 1.5
Human Physiology in Health and Disease 3.0
Programming for Cloud Computing: AWS and MS Azure 3.0
Leveraging Content and Social Analytics 2.0
Clinical Trials Essentials: An Intensive One-Week Course 3.5 Summer TBD
Practical Design and Implementation of VLSI Memory Devices 3.0
Web Framework Using JavaScript: The MERN Stack 3.0
Cloud Storage and Virtualization in Data Centers 3.0
Advanced Network Architecture and Protocols 3.0
Strategic Marketing Operations 2.0
AI, Empathy, and Ethics None
Advanced Signaling: Jitter and Noise Analysis 3.0 Fall TBD
C# Programming 3.0
Biochemistry: An Introduction 3.0 Fall TBD Spring TBD
AI for Sustainability - Using Satellite Data 1.5
Statistics None
Introduction to Accounting I: Financial Accounting 4.0
Mobile e-Commerce, Fintech and Cryptocurrency 3.0 Spring TBD
Becoming a Professional Educator: Special Populations and Healthy Environments 5.0
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the Classroom None