Designing with Cascading Style Sheets: Advanced

This course provides an in-depth exploration into the expanding world of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), covering responsive website designs that work with smartphone, tablet or desktop monitors. Lectures and hands-on exercises cover essential CSS3 properties, concepts, techniques, and applications of media queries, styling forms, fonts and structural pseudo-classes. You will also learn how to handle browser compatibility issues. By the end of the course, you’ll know how to use the latest CSS capabilities to create Web pages with clean, efficient and cutting-edge designs that meet the demands of mobile, tablet and desktop users.

Topics Include:

  • Designing Web pages that respond to media types (mobile phones, tablets, desktops)
  • Child, sibling and structural pseudo-class selectors
  • Style forms
  • Drop-down menus
  • Image styling techniques (image replacement, galleries, drop shadows, borders)
  • Browser compatibility issues
  • CSS3 properties, including:
  • * Border radius
    * Box and text shadows
    * @font-face
    * Gradients

Skills Needed: It is required that students take the prerequisite courses or have equivalent experience. HTML and CSS basics will not be repeated in this course.



Sections Open for Enrollment:

Open Sections and Schedule
Start / End Date Units Location Cost Instructor
09-12-2020 to 11-21-2020 2.0 ONLINE $643
reg $715

Audrey A Blumeneau



Date: Start Time: End Time: Meeting Type: Location:
Sat, 09-12-2020 9:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. Live-Online ONLINE
Sat, 11-21-2020 11:58 p.m. 11:59 p.m. Final Coursework Due ONLINE

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