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RUTH ARTHUR-ASMAH, MBA, is a leader in data analytics field with a background in statistics and analytics. She brings experience working with big data in the healthcare information technology industry. Experience includes process improvement, project management, and mentorship at the managerial level. Her focus is the development of analytic products that direct strategy and optimization for an organization. She holds a master’s degree and certificates in data and analytics.

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Bioinformatics Data Engineering Data Science and Data Analytics

Ruth A Arthur-Asmah's courses currently open for enrollment

Business Intelligence Solutions

Start Date End Date Quarter Units Location Cost
09-10-2024 12-10-2024 3.0 Online $740.00 Enroll

Relational Database Design and SQL Programming

Start Date End Date Quarter Units Location Cost
06-11-2024 09-10-2024 3.0 Online $910.00 Enroll