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Customer Acquisition Strategies | MKTG.X405

Formerly titled "Customer Acquisition 2.0: Strategies, Retention and Win-Back."

What determines whether or not your product proves to be a hit in the marketplace? An excellent customer acquisition strategy that targets the right customers in a cost-effective way is the key. A robust strategy encompasses an end-to-end customer focus: understanding what your target customer really wants, developing products that the target customer will embrace, designing compelling marketing communications, and delivering satisfying customer experiences. The course will cover online and offline measurable marketing techniques to gain awareness, educate prospects, and influence customers' buying behaviors. Numerous real world case studies are presented.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Critique the models for Customer Purchase Process, including the critical decision-points
  • Understand the conflicting needs of Consumers, appreciating how this informs Purchase Decisions and adds complexity for the Marketer
  • Consider how Marketers influence the Hierarchy of Effects to encourage action by Consumers
  • Evaluate Marketing Tools, including Advertising, Advocacy, Promotion and Cause Marketing, which are used to encourage Trial, Repeat and Loyalty

Topics include

  • Gaining insight about customers
  • Describing the target market
  • Positioning
  • Metrics
  • Advertising
  • Packaging
  • Promotions
  • Distribution strategy
  • Pricing
  • Online and offline marketing
  • How to create acquisition strategy
  • Word of mouth
  • Consumer trends
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