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User Experience and Web Design

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Certificate Description

Designing for your users

UCSC Silicon Valley Extension's newly revised, four-track User Experience and Web Design certificate program teaches you to anticipate user needs and design the look and feel of new products that are intuitive and easy to use. Learn customer analytics and behavior by working with a design team of peers. Four tracks:

  • Visual Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Design Implementation
  • Site Management

User Experience And Web Design certificate program objectives:

  • Use GIF, JPEG and PNG compressions
  • Work with color online
  • Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP
  • Communicate brand values using color, typography, layout and imagery
  • Launch, build and administer e-commerce sites
  • Design using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite
  • Create user interfaces that incorporate wearable technology

Required Credits: Total Required: 7–10 courses/17 units: Take 2 of the 5 core courses and the capstone course (5–7.5 units) and 4–7 elective credit courses (9.5–12 units). End with certificate of completion review.
Duration: A full-time student can complete the certificate in 9–12 months.


Course Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
1. Recommended Prerequisites
Adobe Illustrator, Introduction 1.5
Adobe Photoshop 3.0
2. Core Courses - Two core courses required
Designing with Cascading Style Sheets: Fundamentals 2.0 +
HTML Fundamentals 2.0 +
User Experience Design Fundamentals 3.0
Visual Design for the Interactive Web 2.5
3. Elective Courses
Adobe Photoshop 3.0
Building Customized Websites with Wordpress 2.0
Designing User Experience for Smart Things, Virtual Reality and Wearable Technology 3.0
Designing with Cascading Style Sheets: Advanced 2.0
Designing with Cascading Style Sheets: Fundamentals 2.0 +
Graphic Design Fundamentals 2.0
HTML5: The Living Language 3.0
HTML Fundamentals 2.0 +
Introduction to Web Programming: JavaScript and PHP 2.0
Mobile Interface Design 3.0
User Experience Design, Advanced 3.0
User Experience Design Fundamentals 3.0
Visual Design for the Interactive Web 2.5
Web Technologies, Introduction 1.0
4. Capstone Course - Required as last course in certificate
Capstone User Experience Project 2.0
5. Required Certificate Review
User Experience and Web Design Certificate Completion Fee None

Requisite Knowledge

Please review the course descriptions to ensure that you have taken necessary prerequisites or meet the requirements through job experience or previous education. Before you begin the program, it’s recommended that you take Adobe Illustrator, Introduction and Adobe Photoshop or have the equivalent knowledge and experience.

Program Chair

Min Wu, chair

Certificate Program Chair

MIN WU, PhD, is the technical lead in front-end design and development at Cloud Lending Solutions. He is founding owner of Skill Trellis, LLC and worked eight years as principal interaction designer at Oracle. He has a master’s degree in Information Security and a doctorate in Security and Usability from MIT.

Certificate Program Advisory Committee

ARIN BHOWMICKMA-Human-Computer Interaction
Vice President & Chief Design Officer
IBM Cloud

CEO & UX Strategist

Vice President of User Experience

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