Rust Programming Fundamentals | CMPR.X426

Rust Programming Fundamentals | CMPR.X426

This comprehensive course provides an introduction to Rust programming, covering its core features and practical applications.

Students interested in writing efficient, concurrent, and interoperable code, will learn to set up the development environment, write and run programs, and explore built-in data types, operators, and control flow constructs. They will gain a deep understanding of memory safety, ownership, borrowing, error handling, and standard libraries.

Advanced topics such as thread programming, generics, and FFI will be explored. We’ll compare Rust to other programming languages to understand its unique features and advantages.

Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to

  • Analyze features and compare benefits of Rust and other programming languages to make informed decisions on language selection for specific use cases.
  • Create well-structured Rust programs, using built-in data types, operators, and control flow constructs to solve programming problems.
  • Apply principles of memory safety, ownership, and borrowing to write code that is secure and efficiently minimizes potential memory-related issues.
  • Evaluate and use advanced Rust concept—thread programming, generics, and FFI—to develop concurrent and interoperable code for handling complex programming scenarios.
  • Employ error handling mechanisms, including Rust's robust features, to ensure proper program control, fault tolerance, and graceful error recovery.

Skills Needed

Programming experience in C/C++
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