Advanced DevOps Technologies

As more and more industries use DevOps practices and technologies, the demand for skilled DevOp technologists is skyrocketing. This course builds on the DevOps training in our introductory course, expanding on the methodologies and techniques necessary for students to understand real-world DevOps-based deployments. Through examples and hands-on assignments, students explore core concepts, data center basics, advanced virtual machine and container deployments, container orchestration, cloud-based deployments, automated deployment tools, and system monitoring. Students also work with networking, Bash shell and Python scripting, package installation/management, Linux server configuration, and automated source code control mechanisms. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to understand, design, and implement complex deployments within data centers and cloud-based environments.

Topics include: Bash and Python scripting, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Git/GitHub, Microservices, virtual machine configurations using Vagrant, container configuration using Docker, container deployment/orchestration using Docker Swarm and Kubernetes, automated deployments using Terraform, continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) using Jenkins, cloud-deployments in Amazon Web Services.

Prerequisite(s) Students must understand the topics covered in "DevOp Technologies" or have professional-level experience deploying systems in a data center or cloud and programming experience or a course in Bash scripting or Python.


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