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Conflict Resolution and Mediation | HRMT.X419

Conflict Resolution and Mediation | HRMT.X419

This introductory, interactive, and entertaining course provides human resource professionals the methodology and techniques required to effectively resolve workplace, interpersonal, and group conflicts.

We will explore conflict resolution coaching and mediation techniques, introducing different mediation styles—facilitative, transformative, and evaluative—and examine when each approach would most effectively mediate employee conflicts.

You will end the course with a comprehensive understanding and practical skills to nurture and guide positive resolutions among diverse parties.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify different perspectives and approaches to the study of conflict
  • Understand the role of conflict management techniques and mediation in the resolution of disputes
  • Describe the stages of human conflict and identify techniques to help parties resolve workplace conflicts
  • Identify and implement strategies for preventing or defusing rising conflict
  • Integrate conflict resolution into organizational cultures
  • Recognize how biases and cultural differences can affect the resolution process
  • Identify which style of mediation should be used for different types of disputes
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each mediation style
  • Understand the process of an EEOC mediation

Topics Include

  • Core concepts of workplace conflict
  • Dynamics of human conflict
  • Common types and styles of mediation
  • De-escalation techniques
  • The role of confidentiality in mediation
  • Conflict management strategies for face-to-face and online process
  • Preparation for workplace conflict resolution meetings
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