Course Drops, Swaps, Refunds, and Our Audit Policy

Need to make a change to your school schedule?

We have recently made some changes to our drop, swap, and refund policies to increase our ability to serve you with more flexibility and ease. Please note international and workforce development students may have different deadlines and fees.

These following policies are applicable to our live-online and hybrid courses.

What’s New?

  • We have a new month-to-month subscription plan for two specializations: Programming for Data Science with Python and Data Scientist.

  • Students are now able to drop a course and receive a full refund, minus a $40 drop processing fee, if they make their request within the designated timeframe.

  • Students who realize they need to change a course section or take a different course, can also swap courses without having to pay a drop fee, if they make their request within the designated timeframe.

  • Students must follow Santa Clara County and California health guidance regarding wearing a mask in the Silicon Valley Campus building or they must miss the class. They will not receive a refund for subsequently dropping that course.

Before submitting your requests, please be sure to read the policy information on this page.

Refund Policy

Refunds for course drops

You may drop a course and receive a full refund minus a $40 drop processing fee—if you do this before your course drop deadline. Here is the timeframe for dropping:

    Classroom and live-online and hybrid courses with 5 or more sessions
    If your course meets five times or more, you must drop the course prior to the start of the second session for a full refund minus the drop processing fee. If you register for a course on or after the second session, no refunds will be available.

    Classroom and live-online and hybrid courses with 4 or fewer sessions
    If your course meets four or fewer times, you must drop the course three business days before the start of the course for a full refund minus the drop processing fee.

    Self-paced online courses
    In self-paced online courses, you have six business days after the course start date to work with the first module in the series and still receive a full refund minus the drop processing fee. After the six days or the start of module two, you are no longer eligible for a refund.

    Month-to-month subscription programs
    You may drop from one of the subscription specialization programs at any time. To receive a full refund minus a $40 processing fee, you must drop before the end of the sixth business day of the month.

  • To submit a drop request, please complete the drop request form before the course deadline.

COVID health and safety issues at UCSC Extension

Student safety is our top priority.

All county, state and campus laws relating to coronavirus safety must be followed while in the UCSC Silicon Valley Campus building at 3175 Bowers Ave., Santa Clara, CA.

This means failure to wear a mask according to guidelines set out by UC Santa Cruz, Santa Clara County Health Department and the California Department of Health will result in your immediate dismissal from the classroom and building.

If you are required to miss class because you did not wear a mask and decide to drop the course, you will not qualify for a refund.

Swapping sections and courses

If you want to stay in a course but switch to another section, or switch from one course to another course, you can now do this without paying a $40 drop processing fee. Just request a switch by completing a drop request form within the deadline for your course—either prior to the second meeting for a five-session or longer course, three business days before the start of a course meeting four or fewer times, or within six business days of the start of an online course.

Non-Refundable Fees

Registration fees, certificate and award application fees, and special requests are non-refundable. All refunds are put on student account toward future enrollment, unless otherwise requested.

Exceptions to policy

If the refund deadline for a course has passed, a petition for exception may be submitted. It must be supported by special circumstances such as a personal or family illness, injury, or hospitalization. Proper documentation of the special circumstance is required. UCSC Extension reserves the right to approve or deny any such request.

Dropping to avoid a final grade

If you enroll in a section, you have the option to withdraw prior to the final class meeting to avoid a negative impact on your official academic record. Courses dropped after the first day of class will be given a withdrawal (W) grade on your transcript, but will have no academic penalty. Note: Instructors do not have the authority to drop a student.

Course cancellations

UCSC Extension may have to cancel, postpone or combine courses, programs, and/or change instructors without notice. Refunds prompted by a cancellation or discontinuation will be made in full to your student account. Refunds to the original form of payment will be processed on request.

Special programs

If you have enrolled in courses through other programs, such as a workforce development agency, an international agent, or the Open Campus process, you may have paid a deposit. It is your responsibility to comply with all financial obligations, deadlines and refund policies established by these programs. If you are an international student, you can learn more about fees on our website.

Refund policy for custom online courses

In addition to our regular offerings, we work with outside vendors on several custom courses to provide specialized online training. For these offerings, you will only be eligible for a refund, minus a $40 processing fee, if your drop request is received three business days before the course start date. Business days are Monday through Friday, not including holidays. Courses dropped after the first day of class will be given a withdrawal (W) grade, which will have no academic penalty.

Auditing policy

UCSC Extension currently does not allow auditing or sitting-in of any courses.

Why we have this policy

UCSC Extension is a self-supporting organization and we take your enrollment into account when deciding whether to run a course. We do not receive state funds to support our professional development programs. This policy is necessary for us to maintain the lowest possible fees for all students.

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