ECE: Brain Development in Early Childhood | ECED.X310

ECE: Brain Development in Early Childhood | ECED.X310

How does the human brain develop during the first years of life? How can a child learn two or more languages at the same time? How does stress slow brain growth? This course answers those questions, providing parents or teachers of infants, toddlers or preschoolers with the latest research in brain development, demonstrating how this information can enhance parenting and teaching practices. This course will help you appreciate a child's unique qualities and your own strengths, as you work toward long-term success in parenting or teaching.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to
  • Identify brain development in children
  • Outline experiences and techniques that enable children to further their development
  • Identify different areas of the brain and how some of these areas are crucial at certain times in a child's development and need to be stimulated
  • Present topic of choice regarding brain research in children

Topics Include

  • Introduction to Brain Research
  • Diagrams and other helpful information on brain research

Additional Information

Be ready for some lectures, individual presentations, group discussions, class and group inquiries, and a "hands-on" project or PowerPoint slide presentation to be made as a final project by each person in class.

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