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We offer high quality remote learning experiences through our live Zoom classroom setting.

Industry Experts

Our instructors are pioneers in their fields, inventors, patent holders, internationally sought-after speakers, and authors.

Small Groups

Small groups allow a high level of personalization and interactivity, very similar to what one would experience in our classroom.

Career Success

Amazing instructors, a host of career events and a skilled career advising team help you fine-tune your job search.

What Students Are Saying

"Diana is a compassionate and encouraging instructor, her wealth of knowledge is only exceeded by her obvious love of the work she does and the students and families she supports. Her literacy course stands out as a wonderful learning experience."
— Lisa M. Barratt Educational Therapist
Lisa M. Barratt
"The class involved whiteboard sessions and collaboration projects which really prepared me well to start working in the industry and tackle UX design interviews."
— Agnieszka Zimolag Product Design, Cloud at IonQ
Agnieszka Zimolag
"The instructor provided practical guidance, helped give me the confidence to work with a new cohort of students, and made sure that class sessions were useful. She invited allied professionals to provide insight and advice on the field of ET."
— Lisa Epstein, MSTC, JD, MSW Learning Specialist | Educational Therapist | Business Owner
Lisa Epstein, MSTC, JD, MSW
"This is a great course for people who are interested in knowing algorithms and the types of algorithms supported by data structures. That basically changes the way one could approach a problem and solve it effectively."
— SasiKumar Arumugan Lead Software Engineer
SasiKumar Arumugan
"Diana's knowledge is incredible, and her willingness to share it all is an integral part of her contribution to the field of Educational Therapy. One couldn't ask for better guidance or teaching."
— Sharon Barkan, MA, ET/P Educational Therapist
Sharon Barkan, MA, ET/P
"I would argue that your certificate program is better than most degreed programs."
— Kristina Liu, PhD. ACRP-CP/CPM Clinical Research Coordinator, Byers Eye Institute, Stanford University
Kristina Liu, PhD.  ACRP-CP/CPM
"The instructor presented a wide degree of material with great teaching methods. He was available to students beyond the class hours. In-class practice, homework, & the final enabled us to apply accumulated knowledge in C++ throughout the course"
— Tom T. Hua Embedded Systems Engineer
Course: C++ Programming