Workforce training

Workforce Training

Workforce Investment Act Can Fund Your UCSC Extension Program

Displaced or disadvantaged workers may be eligible for financial assistance through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) to enroll in approved UCSC Extension Certificate Programs. For students who qualify through their local California Employment Development Department office, the funds may be applied toward the cost of Extension fees, required books, and materials for these certificate programs. Out-of-pocket expenses, if any, are determined on a case by case basis by Extension and students will be notified and responsible for additional costs. In most cases, funding will only cover the minimum number of required units to complete the program for which you are approved.

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Who is eligible for WDB/WIOA funding?

UCSC Extension cannot approve students for this funding, nor can we counsel you on your eligibility or the availability of funding. You should contact a local agency to determine your eligibility and learn about the application process. Many of our students work with the following agencies:

How to Enroll in a UCSC Extension Certificate Program

  1. Research our approved programs. Most of our certificate programs can be completed in 9 to 12 months, but duration depends on your program selection, funding restrictions, and course availability.
  2. Contact your nearest agency and follow their application process.
  3. Once approved, email
  4. A UCSC Extension Workforce representative will contact you to finalize your program schedule and review student responsibilities.
  5. Students are required to accept a recommended academic plan and program schedule prepared by UCSC Extension to complete the enrollment process. Students follow an approved program of study that culminates in completion of the certificate program that includes an academic plan of required courses followed by elective courses, and which adheres to WDB funding restrictions and available scheduling.
  6. Submit an enrollment form for each academic term through the Workforce Training Enrollment Form online. For a reminder, you may join a UCSC Extension WDB Google Group.

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Enrollment Deadlines

Term Start Date Enrollment forms due date
Fall September 1 August 1
Winter January 1 December 1
Spring April 1 March 1
Summer June 16 May 16

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