Introduction to Web Programming: JavaScript and PHP | UEWD.X421

Introduction to Web Programming: JavaScript and PHP | UEWD.X421

This course introduces the basic concepts and programming skills you need to create dynamic web pages, taking you beyond HTML and CSS into the world of JavaScript and PHP.

Primarily used on the client side through the browser, JavaScript allows you to alter displayed document content with user interactions. PHP, a widely used open-source scripting language installed on web servers, is the language of WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. The combination of JavaScript and PHP enables user friendly, secure form processing.

The instructor will provide examples of code and discuss basic programming syntaxes such as variables, data types, strings, expressions, and operators. We will analyze dynamic web pages that use JavaScript and PHP, discuss functions, events, decision-making and repetition for both languages. You’ll learn to build forms and objects, take inputs, and reset forms. Using PHP for server-side scripting, you’ll practice handling user input and processing form data creating an all-in-one form.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to
  • Describe appropriate uses for JavaScript and PHP
  • Identify elements of each language and their implementations on any website
  • Discuss, create, and debug semantically correct basic examples of dynamic web pages
  • Explain where and why to use each of these languages and how it fits in with other languages

Topics Include

  • Elements of dynamic websites
  • JavaScript basics
  • Variables, data types, expressions, operators, and strings
  • Working with functions, events, decision-making, and repetition
  • Form elements and objects, input fields, selection lists, submitting and resetting forms
  • Creating basic PHP scripts and building expressions
  • Handling user input, processing form data, creating an all-in-one form

Working knowledge of:

  • HTML and CSS basics

Additional Information

As an introductory course, we will not explore all features of JavaScript or PHP nor cover cookies or databases.
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