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Course Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
Python Programming for Beginners 1.5
Relational Database Design and SQL Programming 3.0
Role of the Project Manager 1.5
Python for Programmers 3.0
Data Analysis, Introduction 3.0
Project Leadership and Communication 3.0
Data Structures and Algorithms Using Python 3.0
Project Integration and Risk Management 3.0
Big Data: Overview, Tools and Use Cases 3.0
Dashboards and Data Visualization 3.0
System and Functional Verification Using UVM (Universal Verification Methodology) 3.0
Finance for the Business Professional 1.0
Python for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Essentials 3.0
Effective Negotiations: Principles, Strategies, and Techniques 1.5
Compensation Management 2.0
Mobile Application Development - Android and iOS, Introduction 3.0
Benefits Management: A Comprehensive Study of Employee Benefit Programs 2.0
Effective Employee Relations 1.5
Principles of Marketing 2.0
SystemVerilog Assertions and Formal Verification 3.0
Managing the HR Staffing Function 1.5
Creating the Successful Team 1.5
Docker Containers In-Depth 1.8
Business Communications 2.0
Introduction to Accounting I: Financial Accounting 4.0
Data Structures and Algorithms Using Java 3.0
Embedded Linux Design and Programming 3.0
Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 1.5
Social Media Marketing Fundamentals 2.0
Advanced Verification with SystemVerilog OOP Testbench 3.0
Agile Product Life-Cycle Management (APLM) 1.5
Software Quality Assurance and Testing 2.0
Introduction to Machine Learning 3.0
Estate Planning 3.5
Business Law and Its Environment 3.0
AI-Led Enterprise Transformation: Technologies and Use Cases 0.5
Linux Kernel and Drivers, Advanced 3.0
CRM: Customer Relationship Management 2.0
Redesigning Your Career - Accelerated Weekend Career Workshop 1.5
Application of Social Media for Business Growth 2.0
Designing, Building and Integrating RESTful API 2.0
Risk Management in Personal Financial Planning 3.5
MySQL and Oracle Database for Developers and Designers 2.0
Natural Language Processing 3.0
Customer Acquisition Strategies 2.0
The Business of AI 1.5
Foundations of Disciplined Agile for Project Managers 1.5
Advanced Social Media Marketing 2.0
Effective Performance Management 2.0
Deep Reinforcement Learning 3.0
C Programming I 2.0
Java Programming I 2.0
Search Engine Marketing 2.0
Advanced DevOps Technologies 3.0
System Virtualization Fundamentals 2.5
Java Programming II 3.0
GANs for Data Synthesis 3.0
Digital Logic Design Using Verilog 3.0
Physical Design Flow From Netlist to GDSII 3.0
ASIC Physical Design, Advanced 3.0
Linux Kernel & Drivers 3.0
Managing Software Projects 1.5
The Internet of Things: Big Data Processing and Analytics 3.0
Principles of Educational Therapy 3.0
Embedded System Hardware Architectures, Introduction 3.0
DevOps Technologies 3.0
Web Applications Testing, Comprehensive 3.0
High Efficiency Switch-mode Power Supply, Design Overview 3.0
Linux, Introduction 3.0
Decision-Making Tools and Techniques 1.5
Programming for Cloud Computing: Amazon Web Services 3.0
NoSQL Databases, Introduction 3.0
People Analytics - Delivering Measurable Business Impact 1.5
Timing Closure in IC Design 3.0
Achieving Organizational Agility using the Scaled Agile Framework, SAFeĀ© 1.5
Analog IC Design, Introduction 3.0
Power of Market Research 2.0
Kubernetes Container Orchestration Fundamentals 3.0
Real-Time Embedded Systems Programming, Introduction 3.0
Storage Technology in Data Centers 3.0
Public and Analyst Relations 2.0
Schedule Optimization Techniques for Managers 1.5
JavaScript and AJAX, Comprehensive 3.0
Managing International Projects 1.5
Applied Digital Media Planning and Platforms 2.0
Go Programming 3.0
Computational Intelligence 1.5
Building Integrated AI Applications 2.0
C Programming II 3.0
C# Programming 3.0
C++ Programming 3.0

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