Engineering of the Future

At UCSC Extension, our seasoned instructors share a deep passion for hardware design, for building the future of embedded systems engineering in just about everything and for VLSI verification and design. Hardware engineers have helped pave the way for the technological revolution that we are living in now. Hardware engineers can expect an average job growth of about 5 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. BLS estimated the median annual salary in 2016 was $115,080 and Glassdoor reported the average for a hardware design engineer in San Jose, CA was $122,964 in October 2017. 

Whether you are interested in taking a Perl programing course, tackling CMOS analog circuit design, or preparing yourself for the onslaught if IoT jobs, UCSC Extension has a broad selection of courses to help you get there.

​Our computer hardware design courses can be taken singly or as part of a 14-unit Embedded Systems Certificate or a VLSI Engineering Certificate. The programs include numerous electives such as IO Design Fundamentals, Jitter Essentials, Wireless Communication, Mobile Antenna Design and several Xilinx FPGA courses.

Meet your colleagues, practice collaborative design and network with professionals who are experts in their fields. Be inspired.