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Fluency in a global world

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Certificate Description

English for a global world

A specialized sequence of courses in linguistics and education prepare instructors to teach immigrants and foreign nationals or travel abroad to teach English. In this program you will learn best practices to teach English to nonnative speakers at all stages of language acquisition, as well as how to communicate effectively with a diverse audience, in terms of culture and nationality. Empower your students—and ultimately yourself.

TESOL certificate program objectives

  • Assess and evaluate a student’s level of English language knowledge.
  • Teach English grammar and writing to nonnative speakers.
  • Understand bilingual and English language development.
  • Address students at all levels of language acquisition and tailor your instruction accordingly.

Required Credits: Total Required: 27 units. Take 6 required courses (18 units) of required credit, 2-4 courses (4 units) of elective credit. End with capstone course (5 units) followed by certificate review.
Duration: A full-time student can complete the certificate in 9–12 months.


Course Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
1. Required Courses
Assessment, Evaluation and Placement 2.0
Culture and Cultural Diversity 4.0
First and Second Language Development 3.0
Fundamentals of English Grammar for ESL Teachers 2.0 + +
Language Structure 3.0
Methodology of Bilingual and English Language Development 4.0
2. Elective Courses
English As a Second Language Through Music and Movement 2.0
Instructional Design and Delivery, Introduction 1.0
Teaching Beginning ESL Students: Principles and Practices 1.5
Teaching Grammar, Level II 2.0
3. Capstone Course
TESOL Practicum 5.0
4. Required Certificate Review
TESOL Certificate Completion Fee None

Requisite Knowledge

Please review the course descriptions to ensure that you have taken necessary prerequisites or meet the requirements through job experience or previous education.

Professional Development

Transfer Your TESOL Certificate Units to a Master's Program

Notre Dame de Namur University Master's Degree in TESOL

Completion of the UCSC Silicon Valley Extension TESOL program counts towards one year toward the Master of Arts TESOL program at Notre Dame de Namur University. The NDNU TESOL Master's program is fully online. UCSC Extension students with a TESOL certificate would have to take five courses (15 units) to complete the Master of Arts.

University of San Francisco Master's Degree in TESOL

Completion of the UCSC Silicon Valley Extension TESOL program counts towards one year of the Master of Arts TESOL program at University of San Francisco.

Program Chair

Jesse Gillispie, chair

JESSE GILLISPIE, Ph.D., a University of California, Santa Cruz writing instructor, has a doctorate in education with an emphasis in applied linguistics and language in social interaction. She has written about and conducted research on the relationship between language, identity and learning. Gillispie has worked with English language learners from elementary students to postdoctoral researchers and has presented her work at numerous conferences including ethnography forums, the American Anthropological Association, the American Educational Research Association, and the American Association of Applied Linguistics. Her publications and conference presentations span topics covering identity development and second language learning, teaching and learning in everyday classroom interaction, and the role of classroom management in student success and identity development. A native of Northern California, she lived in Germany and France before settling in the Bay Area.

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