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Teaching Grammar, Level II | TESL.X309

Teaching Grammar, Level II | TESL.X309

All ESL students, whether they speak other Indo-European languages or languages outside the Indo-European family, bring special grammatical challenges to the learning process. Those challenges require that ESL teachers become fully aware of grammatical details that we normally don't need to notice. Truly effective ESL teachers must learn new ways to assist students in overcoming these grammatical hurdles. Learning these new teaching patterns is the goal of this course.

Skills Needed

  • To be successful in this class all students should have working knowledge of Google’s G Suite or Microsoft Office, proper email etiquette, and essential understanding of Canvas.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to
  • Develop detailed and thorough knowledge of English grammar
  • Apply a variety of resources to enhance their teaching
  • Understand fundamentals of comparative grammar relevant to an ESL classroom
  • Explain and anticipate common grammatical errors in different ESL classroom environments
  • Identify useful resources for different teaching contexts
  • Develop practical teaching techniques, activities, and approaches

Topics Include

  • Fundamentals of comparative grammar relevant to an ESL classroom
  • Verbs: Tense, aspect, mood, and modality
  • Nouns, articles, prepositions
  • Cultural aspects of language use: Usage, register, context, discourse markers


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