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Fundamentals of English Grammar for ESL Teachers | TESL.X304

Fundamentals of English Grammar for ESL Teachers | TESL.X304

This course familiarizes prospective ESL teachers with those aspects of English grammar that are crucial for their students, who bring special grammatical challenges to the learning process. An ESL teacher can become truly effective only if he or she is able to identify, objectify and then clarify those challenging aspects of English grammar. The main objective of the course is to explore these points.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to
  • Describe the conventional system of punctuation used for written American English and the rationale behind it.
  • Discuss the major word-formation patterns of English.
  • Explain distinctive patterns of discourse associated with spoken/written English texts designed for specific audiences.
  • Identify the basic sentence patterns of English, as well as the expansion, modification, and coordination patterns built upon them
  • Explain the rationale for lessons that focus on integrated skill areas and different proficiency levels
  • Develop an effective lesson plan, and design and adapt materials necessary to implement your teaching agenda

Topics Include

  • Grammar Basics
  • Morphology
  • Syntax
  • 12 English tenses
  • Acquiring vs. learning language
  • Developmental sequences
  • Lesson Planning

Necessary Knowledge

  • To be successful in this class all students should have working knowledge of Google Workspace or Microsoft Office, proper email etiquette, and an essential understanding of Canvas.

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