Enrollment Frequently Asked Question

Should I establish candidacy?

4 Steps to candidacy

Yes! Benefits of establishing candidacy

  • Lock in your certificate requirements. This means that even if program requirements change, the requirements to complete your certificate will remain the same for you.
  • Receive program updates
  • Set your intention
  • It’s free.

4 Simple Steps to a Certificate or Specialization

  1. Complete at least one course in your selected program.
  2. Declare candidacy. Click on the Establish Candidacy button on each program page.
  3. Take all of the required courses for certificate completion. Note: You must establish candidacy in the certificate program before enrolling in the Certificate Completion Review.
  4. Once your grades are posted on your final course, please enroll in the certificate review fee.

Timeline: 4 years to get it done (or 3 for a specialization)

You must complete all the necessary units in a certificate within a four-year window. The clock begins on the first day of your first course in the certificate program. For example, if you started a course on Sept. 5, 2023, you would have to finish by Sept. 4, 2027.

Note: Declaring candidacy does not trigger the beginning of the four-year window. It begins the first day of the first course in your chosen certificate program. The Certificate Completion Review process does not have to occur within the four-year timeframe.

Exceptions to the four-year requirement

  • If you declare candidacy before Jan. 1, 2024, you will have five years to complete a program.
  • Students participating in a special program, such as workforce, international, or our curriculum partner programs, such as the legal studies courses (Center for Legal Studies) and sales and business courses (Ziplines Education) have shorter completion requirements.
* Establish candidacy is also known as "declare candidacy" or "enroll in a program."
Updated Feb. 12, 2024