Areas of Study


Certificates in Biosciences

Discover new life

This region supports discovery as big biopharma companies neighbor new genetic labs and startups are pushing forward with advances every day. Course curriculum is developed in partnership with industry leaders who teach, and serve on advisory boards.

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Certificates in Business

Lead by example

The Silicon Valley region is the home base of the entrepreneur and our curriculum reflects that heart and vision. Many of our programs align with professional certifications and other higher education programs.

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Certificates in Design

Realize ideas

Every good idea is made better by a designer who can make it real. Our curriculum is focused on helping you effectively communicate in new ways. Courses are available a la carte or as a comprehensive certificate program to boost your career.

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Certificates in Education

Inspire the classroom

The field of education is undergoing rapid change requiring teachers serving all demographics to renew their skills and incorporate a greater understanding of learning differences, cultural awareness, and technological innovation.

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Certificates in Technology

Innovate every solution

Silicon Valley is synonymous with innovation. Our courses, developed in partnership with local industry leaders, are continually refreshed. Leading technologists visit as guest speakers, mentors, recruiters, and even returning students.

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Specializations & Series


Our short specializations focus on specific skillsets so you can specialize on targeted learning outcomes. Our specializations provide you UCSC Extension credit. A part-time student can complete a specialization in 6 to 9 months.

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We offer individual courses and several longer series to help you further your professional career by preparing you for testing in a specific industry such as finance or law, or by helping you maintain a professional credential or license in the fields of education, law, or hazardous waste. Many of these courses provide continuing education credit for specific professional organizations. There is a wide variance of units and hours required because the industries are so different.

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