Workforce Training Certificates and Costs

Programs Approved for WIOA/WDB Funding

Prices listed below are calculated based on the most expensive path to the certificate. The estimates do not include the costs of any course prerequisites, book costs, lab fees, or fees for registration and the certificate review.


Certificate Maximum Tuition
Biotechnology Starting at $5,610.
Business Administration Starting at $5,125.
Clinical Trials Design and Management Starting at $4,680.
Computer Programming Starts at $4,530.
Data Science and Data Analytics Track 1 starts at $5,750. | Track 2 starts at $5,230.
Educational Therapy Starts at $6,090. Does not include potential practicum or internship costs.
Embedded Systems Starts at $3,810.
Human Resource Management Starting at $6,285.
Marketing Management Starting at $4,825.
Medical Device Quality and Design Starting at $4,875
Supply Chain Management Starting at $5,550
Project and Program Management Starting at $5,130.
Regulatory Affairs $5,515–$5,765
Software Engineering and Quality Starts at $4,625.
User Experience and Web Design Starting at $5,550.
Silicon Chip Design & Semiconductor Engineering Track 1 starts at $4,350. | Track 2 starts at $4,620.


Specialization Maximum Tuition
Administrative Professionals $3,000
Lean-Agile Project Management $3,000
Mobile Application Development $2,650
Social Media Marketing $2,700

Special Programs

Certificate Maximum Tuition
Professional Concentration in Interdisciplinary Studies $4,500
Professional Study in Technology $4,500