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Mobile Application Development Professional Award

Mobile Application Development

Empowering palm-size innovation

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Specialization Description

“Everybody has a mobile app in their pocket and every company is looking for people to develop theirs. If your objective is to get a job, you can take the entry-level course and start applying."
— Hemil Patel, M.S.E.E., Principal Software Engineer and Mobile App Development Instructor


Push to your creative edge

Our Specialization in Mobile Application Development focuses your development expertise in one of the fastest growing fields in technology. Learn to develop iPad, iPhone, and Android applications, and create an engaging interface design. A professional specialization recognizes your experience in this growing industry.

Mobile Application Development program objectives

  • Demonstrate proficiency with design concepts, theory, and principles relating to the design process and software tools of mobile application designs.
  • Apply critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills to a variety of web and mobile app design and production cases.
  • Create a professional quality mobile application with cloud backend services that is in line with the fundamentals of mobile cybersecurity guidelines.

Estimated Cost (You pay only for courses you enroll in): $2,650
Required Credits: Total Required: 3 courses/9 units. Take 2 required courses and choose 1 elective.
Duration: A student can complete this specialization in 6–9 months.


1. Required Course(s):

Units: 3.0
Units: 3.0

04-08-2022 to 06-17-2022
Santa Clara / Remote
See complete class schedule here.

2. Electives: (Choose One)

Units: 3.0

04-09-2022 to 05-14-2022
Units: 3.0

01-22-2022 to 03-05-2022

3. Completion Review:

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Requisite Knowledge

Please review the course descriptions to ensure that you have taken necessary prerequisites or meet the requirements through job experience or previous education. Prerequisite language courses cannot be counted toward the specialization.

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