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Your support will help our AI and Silicon Chip Design & Semiconductor Engineering students get hands-on practice with the latest technology.

Spring Give ends midnight on April 12.

Group of UCSC students sitting in a circle on the campus - First-Year Transition Academy

Build successful relationships in your cohort

As part of a cohort of students who are starting their undergraduate journey at the same time, you'll build relationships with your peers, share experiences and insights, and create a supportive network that can last throughout their college years.

By participating in our program, you not only gain academic knowledge but also make valuable social connections that can help you succeed in college and in your life.

Online events and activities

Students will have the opportunity to meet with each other and learn about the many campus departments providing services such as:

  • Advising
  • Housing
  • Student Success
  • International Student Services
  • Career Services
  • Orientation

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Speak to an international programs representative.

Call +1 (408) 450-4945

Envelope extensioninternational@ucsc.edu

To schedule an online meeting with an international advisor, please click here.

Recent International Stories

What Students Are Saying

"I received a clear view of the industry and what are the needs faced by enterprises today."
— Anonymous Student     International Student
"I made a lot of good connections while I was here."
— Aakash Dave     International Student Entrepreneur, Founding CEO of Spotmi
Aakash Dave
"It was pretty deep and the assignments were demanding so I had to work hard to get the point."
— Renato Roschel Ribeiro, MBA     International Student Director of Digital & Analytics | Data Analytics Professor
Renato Roschel Ribeiro, MBA