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Welcome to the First Year Transition Academy!

This two-quarter program helps students who are admitted to begin at the University of California, Santa Cruz in January 2025 get a headstart on their studies.



Build your academic skills to navigate college in the U.S.



Enjoy meeting up with students from all over the world so you know people when you arrive in winter.



Save on two quarters of tuition when you start your program online from their home country.



Start earning units to your UC Santa Cruz degree this summer and graduate with the class of 2028.


Confirm your spot in the First Year Transition Academy!


A program that prepares you for University in the U.S.

Our program is a unique blend of curricula to set you up for success both in your academic and professional pursuits. You'll not only earn transferable units towards your degree, but you will also get to know other incoming winter admits, hear from UCSC students, and connect with important academic and personal advisors.

What to Expect

♦ Begin This Summer

Enjoy a wonderful summer introduction to our prestigious research university.

♦ Fully Online

Complete your first two quarters of coursework from your home country.

♦ Seamlessly Transfer Your Units

Our expert advisors will guide you through the enrollment process for these courses.

♦ Save on Residential Campus Tuition

You will save up to 50 percent or $14,000 USD.

♦ Join Your Cohort In Person in Winter 2025

Keep up with students in the graduating class of 2028.

♦ University of California Curricula

This program is administered through UCSC Silicon Valley Professional Education, the professional development division of UC Santa Cruz.


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What Students Are Saying

"I received a clear view of the industry and what are the needs faced by enterprises today."
— Anonymous Student     International Student
"I made a lot of good connections while I was here."
— Aakash Dave     International Student Entrepreneur, Founding CEO of Spotmi
Aakash Dave
"It was pretty deep and the assignments were demanding so I had to work hard to get the point."
— Renato Roschel Ribeiro, MBA     International Student Director of Digital & Analytics | Data Analytics Professor
Renato Roschel Ribeiro, MBA