Payment Policy-Parent Buying for Minor

Create a Student Account

  1. The buyer must first create a student account in their own name. Click Create my new student account.

  2. Add your billing information by navigating to “My Account” and “Update Profile.” Note: Before enrolling someone in a course, you need to have completed this step.

Register for Student

  1. Locate your course of interest under Find Courses → Search Courses.

  2. Click on the course “Section” and select “Register Others.

  3. Add or select a contact who will be registering for this course.

  4. Select “Add to Cart” and either continue to “Checkout” or “Continue Shopping.”

  5. Follow the instructions to purchase the course(s) via credit card payment.

Invite Student to Log In

  1. After payment is complete, navigate to My Account → Contact Management. Click the ellipses (...) under the “Action” column for the corresponding contact.

  2. Select “Invite to Create Login.”

The student will receive an email with instructions for creating their student account to view the course enrollment details.

Note: When purchasing a course for a student under 18 years of age, UCSC Silicon Valley will request that the student and parent fill out the FERPA Authorization Form and the Minor Release Form.