Incomplete Grades

When an incomplete can be issued

An incomplete grade, “I,” may be issued to accommodate the completion of coursework of passing quality after the course end date due to circumstances beyond a student’s control. All requests should be made at least seven days before the last day of class and cannot be made after the course has ended.

Incomplete grades are contingent upon instructor approval, and instructors are under no obligation to grant them. Incomplete grades are not generally permitted for WIB, VA, or international students. Exceptions must be approved by the relevant academic department.

To request an incomplete grade

Request review by the department by emailing extensiongrades@ucsc.edu. Your email should include:

  • An explanation of the circumstances that prevent you from completing the course.
  • A description of the portion of the coursework left to complete.

If you qualify for an incomplete grade, you will receive a signed Petition for Incomplete Grade form authorizing you to pursue an agreement with the instructor.


  • Students approved for an incomplete will not receive additional instruction or access to the online course website.
  • The student must coordinate with the instructor to copy or print out any resources from the online classroom and discussion forum that will be needed to complete the coursework.
  • Students are not permitted to audit future courses to make up the missed work.

Requirements for an “I” designation

  1. The student presents extenuating circumstances for not completing the coursework within the prescribed time.
  2. The student has successfully completed a minimum of 70 percent of the coursework, which may include assignments, assessments, and other projects.
  3. The student and instructor reach an agreement on the work required to complete the course.
  4. The student will submit this work to the instructor within one month of the final class meeting or online course end date.
  5. The remaining coursework and due date for submission is included in a signed Petition for Incomplete Grade form documents. This is returned to the relevant academic department before the final class meeting.

Once student obligations are met

  • Once the necessary work has been graded by the instructor, the “I” will be changed to the appropriate grade.
  • Incomplete grades must be cleared by the agreed-upon deadline or the “I” will convert to “F.”
  • A final grade will only be accepted from the instructor. 

Forms without a signature, grade, or date will be returned to the department and will delay updating the student’s record.

Certificate/Specialization Issue Date

The issue date listed on the certificate of completion is the last day of the last course that is relevant to the certificate program or specialization program. The last course must be a course that can be applied towards the certificate as a requirement or as an elective. Please check the certificate program requirements and list of approved electives.