Open Campus Grading Policy

Grading Process

Open Campus concurrent students are evaluated and graded by the same grading policies applied to UCSC main campus students.

Extension mails a separate grade list to the instructor a week before the last day of class. The instructor returns the completed grade list to Extension.

Extension mails the grade report to the student, four to six weeks after the last day of the quarter.

Evaluation Process

If you requested an evaluation, the instructor will send it to Extension within three weeks after the grade deadline. We don't mail a copy to the student unless we have a written request from the student. The original is stored in the student´s UCSC Extension file.

Student Record

  • Each Open Campus concurrent student has an online record and a hard copy student file located at UCSC Extension. To obtain a username and password, please contact Student Services.
  • The grades and evaluations for courses taken through Open Campus concurrent are housed at Extension, not UCSC main campus. Evaluations cannot be viewed online.


Grade Option

  • The student chooses a Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass grade option on the Instructor Approval Form. If no choice is indicated, the Letter Grade option is assigned. This choice cannot be changed after the student is enrolled in the course.
  • For a graduate level course, the student needs to confirm the grade option with the instructor before enrollment. Some courses only allow a Pass/No Pass grade option.

Audit/NC Grade
An Open Campus concurrent student may not audit a class.

Class and Grade List

Open Campus concurrent students will not appear on the instructor´s regular student roster. The grading and retention process is through UCSC Extension Student Services.