Academic Review Policy


  • Appeals most commonly approved:
    • Serious personal injury or illness
    • Contemporaneous death of an immediate family member
    • Military deployment
  • Appeals generally denied:
    • Reasons related to employment changes
    • Perceived quality of instruction
    • Dissatisfaction with a course
    • Dropping courses to avoid academic penalty
    • Financial hardship
    • Missing a deadline
    • Misunderstanding
    • Failure to review policy


A Grievable Action is an action that: (a) is in violation of written UCSC Silicon Valley Extension policies or procedures; or (b) constitutes arbitrary, capricious or unequal application of written UCSC Extension policies or procedures. If the request does not match this definition, it will be denied.

  • For grade grievances:
    • Students must first contact their instructor either directly or through.
    • Canvas within 10 days of grade being posted.
    • If a satisfactory resolution is not reached with the instructor, submit your grievance to the Academic Review Committee (ARC) by filling out an Exception to Policy Request Form.
    • For more information regarding the formal grade appeals policy and process email exarc@ucsc.edu
  • To request an exception or to report a grievance:
    • Complete the exception petition form.
    • All exception petition forms must be submitted within 30 days of the course end date.
    • Failure to submit the form within this time frame will result in a denial.

Appeal to the Dean

In cases where a student is not satisfied with the Academic Review Committee decision, the final level of appeal at UCSC Silicon Valley Extension is the Office of the Dean.

  • To petition a final level of appeal:
    • Send an email regarding your case along supporting information or documents to the following email address: unexdean@ucsc.edu
    • The Dean will personally review the case and recommend a resolution.
    • The Dean will write a final statement of resolution, sending a copy to the student, and all applicable parties.
    • The Dean will record the final determination with the Office of the Registrar.
    • Student will receive a copy of this formal resolution via email within 5-10 business days after all needed information is submitted.


When the deadline for a refund or another policy has passed, a petition for exception may be submitted. It must be supported by special circumstances such as a personal or family illness, injury, or hospitalization. Proper documentation of the special circumstance is required. UCSC Extension reserves the right to approve or deny any such request.

Academic Review Policy Form