“The program was intensive, and I’m seeing the rewards now. We’ll see if I can be a pioneer.”

Gina Bello, Alumna TESOL Certificate Program


Teachers of English as a second language generally work with immigrants and foreign nationals living in English-speaking countries. TESOL teachers need special preparation to meet the unique challenges in settings where students have had some exposure to English but are still struggling. UCSC Silicon Valley Extension offers a specialized sequence of courses in linguistics and education to prepare instructors entering the TESOL field. Learn strategies and practice and best practices to teach English classes to students of various levels and backgrounds. 

Ideal for:

•  K-12 teachers
•  English language teachers
•  Educators in need of formal training in ESL
•  Native English speakers looking to teach ESL
•  Librarians

Program Format

Courses are offered in classroom and online.

Credit Required

27 units; 23 units of required credit, 4 units of elective credit

Program Duration

Most courses take between 4 - 6 weeks to complete. Certificate, if pursued full-time, can take between 9 months and one year

Approximate Program Cost

$ 5,500

(Program costs are higher for F-1 students.)