Social Media Marketing Professional Award

"Initially students learn to redefine their brand strategy in social media and create a social media strategy blueprint, but soon they understand how to leverage their data, identify an effective Facebook strategy and create an all-star LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters. Students also learn to use social media for effective B2B marketing on LinkedIn."

— Shilpi Agarwal, founder of Social Strategi and our social media instructor

UCSC Extension’s Professional Award in Social Media Marketing is designed to prepare you to launch an effective social media campaign that aligns with business goals, cultivates a growing audience, and keeps pace with industry demands. In just three courses, you acquire a skillset that enables you to market products and services using the latest social media tools and technologies. The social media marketing focus helps you define your online brand, launch effective social media campaigns that align with business goals, and manage, monitor and analyze your social media presence. Learn to leverage the best social media channels for your company. The third and final course focuses on the application and management of social media campaign strategy.

    Ideal for:

    •  Traditional marketing professionals
    •  Small business owners
    •  Social media professionals needing to update their skills with best practices

    Program Format

    Courses are offered in classroom and online.

    Credit Required

    3 courses, all required

    Program Duration

    Most courses take between 4 - 10 weeks to complete. The Award, if pursued full-time, can take between 6 and 9 months to complete.

    Approximate Program Cost


    (Program costs are higher for F-1 students.)