Marketing Management

"Sustain growth and profitability when you  deliver on customer needs today and anticipate their needs tomorrow."

— LY-HUONG PHAM, Ph.D., M.B.A., M.S, CEO, Mobiscale LLC,
Instructor/Chair, UCSC Extension Marketing Management Certificate Program

The Marketing Management certificate program focuses on Silicon Valley-style customer-driven marketing to help marketing professionals succeed in sales and marketing alignment; the fusion of sales, marketing, and social selling; and programmatic marketing and sales. The days of siloed sales and marketing are over. The buyer is now in control. Learn how artificial intelligence can personalize the customer experience. Learn best digital marketing best practices and the social media channels and analytics that affect the bottom line. We offer two tailored tracks that blend key principles with cutting-edge techniques: Marketing Management and Digital Marketing (includes social media courses. See our Social Media Marketing Professional Award)

Ideal for:

•  Content writers and marketers
•  Social media coordinators, managers, strategists
•  Public relations professionals
•  Search Engine optimization specialists
•  Marketing analytics 
•  Marketing professionals
•  Sales professionals
•  Brand and product managers

Program Format

Courses are offered in classroom and online.

Credit Required

14 units, 6.5 units of required credit, 7.5 units of elective courses

Program Duration

Most courses take between 4 - 10 weeks to complete. Certificate, if pursued full-time, can take between 6 months and one year

Approximate Program Cost

$ 5,000

(Program costs are higher for F-1 students.)