CPA Preparation

The UCSC Extension preparation for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam—still the gold standard credential in the accounting profession—offers students the background and best practices in the field to help you remain successful as an accountant and meet the requirements for the licensing exam. Students receive advanced training on complex accounting issues, U.S. accounting principles for professionals (and training for other countries), academic accounting requirements and accounting units to prepare students to take the CPA exam.

Ideal for:

•  Aspiring CFOs and M.B.A.s
•  Business owners
•  Corporate managers
•  Bookkeepers
•  Accountants and accounting assistants

Program Format

Courses are offered in classroom and online.

Credit Required

None. Consult with the American Institute of CPAs for specific CPA exam requirements.

Program Duration

Most courses take between 4 - 10 weeks to complete

Approximate Program Cost

Variable - depending on courses taken

(Program costs are higher for F-1 students.)