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Data Engineering

The Foundation for Discovery

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Data engineering sets the foundation for discovery

Our specialization in Data Engineering develops your ability to construct complex databases while optimizing performance. You will understand Big Data concepts, sharpen your relational database management system (RDBMS) skills, gain SQL and NoSQL database expertise, and explore the field of IoT (internet of things).

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing this program should be able to:

  • Describe a business or other activity in terms suitable for defining a relational database for that activity.
  • Compile the SQL code needed to create a database, as well as to insert, access, and update the information in the database.
  • Identify different strategies used for improving database performance through database indexes, optimizer, explain plan, and database hints.
  • Discuss the inner workings of Hadoop's computing framework, including MapReduce processing and Hadoop's file system (HDFS).

Three courses

Stackable skills

You can learn more in this field in the Data Science specialization or the more in-depth Data Science and Data Analysis certificate program.


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Program Overview

Estimated Cost: $2,610 (You pay only for courses you enroll in.)
Program Requirements: 3 courses (8 quarter units)
Minimum Hours of Instruction: 80
Estimated Duration: 6-9 months to complete


1. Required Course(s): You must successfully complete the three courses below.

Quarter Units: 3.0
Start / End Date
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06-17-2023 to 08-26-2023
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Quarter Units: 2.0
Start / End Date
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04-10-2023 to 05-22-2023
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Quarter Units: 3.0
Start / End Date
Section ID

04-03-2023 to 06-12-2023
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04-04-2023 to 07-05-2023

06-13-2023 to 09-12-2023
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2. Completion Review

Start / End Date
Section ID



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Meet Our Instructors

Michelle C Rosenaur
Technology Trainer
Raghav Vinjamuri
Independent Computer Software Professional | Linux Program Chair
Ruth A Arthur-Asmah
Sr. Manager, Digital Health, Nordic Global
Satyen Kansara
Head of Data and Visualization, Illumio

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Program Chair


PARTHASARATHY PADMANABHAN, M.B.A., data engineering lead, New Relic, Inc., is a data architect with more than 25 years of experience in information technology and has worked in data modeling for more than 10 years. Learn more.

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