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Artificial Intelligence

AI for a thriving society

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Artificial intelligence (AI) will require the entire workforce to learn new skills, whether it’s to keep up to date with an existing role, or pursuing a new career as a result of automation."

AI specialist is the top emerging job in 2020

The wave of artificial intelligence data and technology sweeping across industry is transforming how we work, how we develop new products and services, how we measure our success, and how we plan for the future. That is why we are creating the most comprehensive AI curriculum in the UC Extension system.

The UCSC Silicon Valley AI curriculum prepares you for today's workforce. We are focusing on providing you hands-on, practical technical skills as well as strategic business acumen to meet a skyrocketing demand for people who understand what it takes to develop and implement AI technology across industry. It is a multi-billion dollar market and growing and we are casting a wide net to ensure the future is created by many for many. Explore our curriculum and learn about the technology and business decisions shaping companies, products, and services for all of us.

UCSC Silicon Valley's unique focus

  • Interactive online classroom with industry leaders
  • Industry-aligned curriculum
  • Cross-industry skills prep
  • Active curriculum guidance and classroom mentorship
  • Tech-focused and business-focused programs
  • Lowered barriers to entry for people interested in learning

AI Opportunity

  • Startups have raised over $8.5 billion in disclosed equity funding in the U.S. in 2020. [CB Insights]

AI opens doors—AI for All

As AI reshapes our workforce, costing jobs in many sectors, it will also create many new jobs. We want to make sure everyone is ready for the transition—the technically focused, the business-minded, and the seasoned tech worker—as well as the underrepresented populations that often face high barriers to entry into the well-paying tech workforce.

AI for Robotics: Integrating Techniques and Job Outlook

In this recording, with three AI experts—Bipin Thomas, M.S.; Sudhakar Alla, B.S.; Moenes Iskarous, Ph.D.,—you’ll get a glimpse at the role AI plays in enabling robotic technologies to solve a variety of enterprise problems and learn new skills that are necessary to be deployed for robotics-based applications in multiple industries. [May 26. 2021]


AI Specializations


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1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Courses

CEU: 1.0 CEUs

09-28-2021 to 10-19-2021
Santa Clara
See complete class schedule here.
Units: 0.5

12-04-2021 to 12-04-2021
CEU: 1.0 CEUs

10-23-2021 to 11-20-2021
Santa Clara
See complete class schedule here.
CEU: 3.0 CEUs
Units: 3.0

09-22-2021 to 11-24-2021
Units: 3.0

09-23-2021 to 12-09-2021
Fall TBD
CEU: 3.0 CEUs
Units: 3.0
Units: 3.0

09-22-2021 to 11-24-2021
CEU: 1.5 CEUs

09-11-2021 to 10-09-2021

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Program Chair


AI Program Advisory Committee

BIPIN THOMAS, M.S, is the president of ICURO, a Santa Clara-based artificial intelligence (AI) systems company delivering hardware and software integrated solutions for business growth outcomes. He is an award-winning senior executive with 30 years of experience—from strategy through execution of transformational initiatives at Fortune 500 corporations. Thomas is an expert leading the AI paradigm shift in smart manufacturing (or “industry 4.0”), automotive, retail, and healthcare. As the founding chair of the UCSC Silicon Valley Extension AI Program Advisory Board since 2019, he is spearheading the ongoing expansion of UCSC Silicon Valley AI offerings.

AI Program Advisory Committee

PAUL BALDASSARI, Magister (Australia)
EVP of Strategic Programs and Asset Management at Flex

Head of Tech Mahindra
Instructor, AI-Led Enterprise Transformation: Technologies and Use Cases
UCSC Silicon Valley Extension

Fellow and Cofounder of™
Instructor, Edge Artificial Intelligence Development Capstone
UCSC Silicon Valley Extension

Asst. Professor, Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience: Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognition: Fundamental Theories, The Neuroscience of Consciousness
UC Santa Cruz Psychology Department

Director of Software Engineering at AMD

President of ICURO
Instructor, AI-Led Enterprise Transformation: Technologies and Use Cases
UCSC Silicon Valley Extension

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