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AJAY BARANWAL, MA, is the director of the Center for Deep Learning in Electronics Manufacturing where he leads applied deep learning research and development efforts to solve semiconductor manufacturing problems. Much of his work at the Center relates to machine vision, learning from limited data, and building digital twins to synthesize new data. His previous experience includes work on several TensorFlow-based applications, including a prediction and diagnostic system, a document retrieval, and an information extraction system. He holds patents, is a co-author of several industrial papers, and has been a speaker at industry conferences. He is also co-author of What’s new in TensorFlow 2.0 (2019). He began serving as chair of the AI programs in 2023 and is the founding chair of the certificate program in AI Application Development.


What’s new in TensorFlow 2.0 (2019)

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AI Strategies, Productivity and Practices Artificial Intelligence Application Development

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GANs for Data Synthesis

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06-18-2024 08-20-2024 3.0 SANTA CLARA / REMOTE $980.00 Enroll

The Business of AI

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07-29-2024 08-26-2024 1.5 CEUs SANTA CLARA / REMOTE $580.00 Enroll