Top Silicon Valley Attractions to Visit

There is no place like Silicon Valley.

Sure, there’s a lot of traffic and a crazy-fast pace of change here. That’s what happens when people see themselves as inventors, designers, problem-solvers, and entrepreneurs who can’t wait to sell the next new thing. In the heart of Silicon Valley, you will encounter the determination of the business strategist and the brilliance of the technologist.

Natural Beauty

If you are a nature lover, you will enjoy the beaches and surf of nearby the Monterey Bay, the San Francisco Bay areas, surrounding redwood forests, vast agricultural expanses abutting the rolling foothills, and breathtaking Sierra mountain ranges calling you to go on long hikes with your camera. We’re not kidding. It’s seriously beautiful around here. The Best 10 Parks in Silicon Valley, CA.

City Life

If you love the big city, just visit the art and tech museums, pubs, and concert venues, we are next door to San Jose, within an hour’s drive of San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland, and just about four hours from Los Angeles. It’s only 2.1 miles to Great America, 340 miles to Hollywood, and 372 miles to Disneyland. Check out nearby fun activities.


We love getting together and there is also no place that puts on a free business, technology, or educational lecture (such as Meetups) as often as Silicon Valley. Our students have routinely found important connections in their classes, with their instructors, and with people in the community who have helped them grow their careers.

Tech History

From the birth of the semiconductor to the software explosion that led us to cloud computing and biopharma, and now the world of genetics – it’s all here. We’ve got the Computer History Museum, The Tech Interactive, and the garage where Steve Jobs first cobbled together the early designs that became Apple, Inc.

List of tourist attractions in Silicon Valley

20 Must-See Attractions in Silicon Valley

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