Enrollment Frequently Asked Question

How do I apply to the Premed Postbacc Specialization?

We're thrilled that you're considering taking this step toward medical school and want to make the enrollment process as simple as possible.

For Premed Specialization applicants

  • Earn the Premed Postbacc Specialization and the associated digital badge.
  • Showcase your experience online to prospective employers.
  • Get priority access to the Premed Specialization courses, remote science courses, and 1:1 academic counseling.

Instructions for the Premed Postbacc Intake Form

• Please provide as much of the required documentation as possible within the form at this time.
• All documentation will be required prior to your advising appointment.

  1. Curriculum Vitae/Resume

  2. Transcript(s) (Include unofficial transcripts for all schools attended; merge multiple transcripts into one document.)

  3. A Personal Statement
    Address the following three topics in two pages or less.
    1. Personal Comments
      Explain your motivation for medical school.
    2. Postbaccalaureate Essay
      Describe why you want to join the program, your expectations, contributions, academic weaknesses, and improvement areas.
    3. Community Service Essay
      Share your volunteer experience in underserved communities. 

  4. Letter of Recommendation: (By a science faculty or community service supervisor) This letter should:
    1. Highlight your potential in biomedical-related sciences;
    2. Assess your academic and personal potential; and
    3. Explain how you will benefit from our postbaccalaureate program.
      Please combine multiple letters into one document if applicable.

  5. We will get in touch with you to schedule an advising appointment.
Be sure to check your email for further instructions!

Have questions?

Please reach out to us with your questions at extension@ucsc.edu.