Careers in Medicine Workshop

Course Code: PBSV.802

Cost: $200

Dates: TBD


Meet Your Future Colleagues

Strengthen your awareness of obstacles and solutions as you plan your healthcare career in this two-part, hybrid workshop taught by doctors, residents, and healthcare professionals.

We'll spend two Saturday mornings navigating the journey to medical school through interprofessional, small-group discussions, gaining insights from physicians and medical students. You'll leave the workshop with actionable steps that bring you closer to your goals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand primary care specialties, necessary academic preparation, and skills requirements for primary care practitioners.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of medical school admissions and residency selection processes.
  • Create a career plan for a chosen medical profession.
  • Interpret actionable guidance and advice from active and retired medical professionals and medical students.


  • Medical school expectations and admissions requirements
  • Financing your medical training
  • Medical career arcs: residency, fellowship, practice
  • Osteopathic vs. allopathic medical education
  • Primary care and medical specialties


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