FAQs for the premed post bacc program

FAQs for the Premed Postbaccalaureate

What is the Premed Postbaccalaureate program?

It is a program specifically for college graduates who want to apply to medical school and need to fulfill prerequisites and/or raise their undergraduate GPA before applying.

What is the value of a program at UCSC Silicon Valley Extension?

UC Santa Cruz Extension has an unmatched reputation for excellence. We are the continuing education branch of the University of California, Santa Cruz, one of the finest public research institutions in the U.S. Our campus-approved academic curricula and industry-savvy instructors are widely respected and contribute to your successful completion of a high-caliber course of study.


Program Features

Who is this program perfect for?

  • Students who want to improve their GPA and make their application stand out in the medical school admissions process
  • Students interested in Primary Care careers
  • Students preparing for the MCAT or retaking the MCAT
  • Students wanting to study with a flexible schedule (part-time, full-time, evenings)
  • Students interested in taking individual courses.

Can I receive career counseling?

Yes. We provide one-on-one extended career counseling.

Does this program offer standardized test prep?

Yes, we offer highly discounted MCAT prep via a partnership with Kaplan.

Am I able to work while enrolled in this program?

Yes. Our program is unique in that it provides flexible timing of courses so that participants can work while attending the program.


Timing & Deadlines

When are courses typically offered?

Most classes take place during the evenings. We are currently partnering with UCLA Extension to provide lower-division prerequisite courses. Please refer to the UCLA website for course details.

How long is the program?

Because our program is geared to the individual needs of each student, the duration varies from student to student. Academic enhancers may take courses for a year while career changes may need two to three times longer to update their skills.


Financials & Funding

Where can I find information about financial aid options?

While Extension students are not eligible for federal financial aid, there are several options spelled out on our Financial Assistance page such as private student loans.

When applying for a loan, what do I choose as my major or specialty?

Select the option closest to Health Sciences or Premed Postbaccalaureate. This selection is simply for information purposes and will not influence the lender's provision for a loan.

When applying for a loan, which type should I choose?

Students may choose any loan lender to fund the program. We recommend our students choose the Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan for Undergraduates or the College Ave Career Loan. We encourage students to talk with loan lenders about the program and have them help select the best option.

When applying for a loan, what school code do I use?

The UC Santa Cruz School Code is 001321.

Do I have to be accepted into the program to take other Extension courses that are not related to the Premed Postbaccalaureate program?

No. Extension courses are open to the general public, so you do not have to be formally accepted into a program to enroll in courses.


Have Questions?

How do I get additional information about this program?

If you would like to learn more about whether this program would be a good fit for you, please email us at postbacc@ucsc.edu. We offer online information sessions so you can ask staff questions in real time.

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