1:1 Career Counseling

Course Code: PBSV.804

  • 5 one-on-one career counseling sessions by appointment
  • Instructor: Dr. Deepthi Nair, Senior Director, Premed Postbaccalaureate Program, UCSC Silicon Valley Extension | UC Santa Cruz
  • Cost: $450

Enroll in Career Counseling


A career counselor will assess your readiness for medical school, interest in specialties, required training, timelines, career trajectories, and expected outcomes. We will also assist in setting realistic expectations concerning work-life balance, salary prospects, and career advancement.

These live-online, one-on-one conversations, usually 30-60 minutes each, are tailored to your unique needs. We can help you with:

  • Crafting essays for medical school applications.
  • Identifying financing options.
  • Tailoring applications to specific schools.
  • Refining career goals.
  • Addressing potential challenges.
  • Creating a practical plan for success in the medical industry.

The primary objective of these action-oriented sessions is to help you map out your personal journey, ensuring that you are well-prepared, effective, and capable of achieving your goals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Address shortcomings in medical school applications
  • Create persuasive, personalized essays for secondary medical school applications
  • Strengthen medical school interview skills
  • Express how life experiences have equipped you for a career in medicine.
This five-part series may be repeated.

A complement to the postbacc program’s group career counseling, students are invited to repeat this series as needed.