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premed - male doctor wearing a white lab coat

Medical School Application Workshop

Course Code: PBSV.800

Cost: $1,050

Instructor: Joon Kim

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In this 10-week workshop, we guide you through each step of the personal and complex medical school application process, demystifying the medical school application process, timeline, and costs. When you’ve clarified your own goals, you will be able to identify the best medical school for you and know how to best position yourself as a successful, holistic applicant.

This UC Santa Cruz course, co-created by the Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology Department and Silicon Valley Extension, supports premed postbacc students and is a required curriculum for the Premed Postbacc Specialization.

Learning Outcomes

  • Articulate your personal rationale for a career in medicine and how you are suited for it.
  • Understand the medical school application process, associated costs, and finance options
  • Demonstrate understanding of general medical school prerequisites.
  • Identify medical schools that are a good fit for you and the specific medical school admissions requirements.
  • Produce outstanding primary application essays that explain personal motivations and strengths for training in medicine.
  • Complete a competitive medical school application.


  • The holistic medical school applicant: who you are and what you want
  • Choosing the right medical school
  • The structure and process of applying to medical schools
  • Finances: application and interview costs
  • Presenting yourself successfully as an applicant
  • How to request letters of recommendation
  • Preparing a personal statement (describing significant personal experiences, gap year considerations, crafting a personal statement)
  • Preparing secondary applications
  • Interview techniques (recording reviews and feedback)
  • Final application review


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