Upskill in 30 Days or Less

Comment Showing 21 courses for regulatory affairs.

Course Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
Interacting with the FDA 1.5
Regulatory Submissions: Devices and Diagnostics 2.5
Regulatory Submissions: Drugs and Biologics 2.0
Regulation of in vitro Diagnostics in Europe and the US 2.5
Regulation of Drugs and Biologics 3.0
Design Control for Medical Devices 2.0
Quality Systems for Medical Devices: FDA QSR and ISO 13485 2.5
Post-Market Regulatory Obligations for Medical Devices 1.5
Global Medical Device Submissions and Strategy 1.5
Risk Management for Regulated Industries 3.0
Validating Software for Medical Devices and Emerging Technologies 2.0
Value-Added Quality Audits 1.5
European Medical Device Regulation: Clinical Evaluation and Post-Market Surveillance 3.0
Good Manufacturing Practices 3.0
Good Clinical Practices 3.0
Preparing for FDA Inspections and Conducting Sponsor Audits 1.5
Data Privacy and Security for Healthcare and Biosciences 1.5
Clinical Trials Essentials: An Intensive One-Week Course 3.5
Regulation of Medical Devices and Diagnostics 3.0
Principles of Drug Discovery and Development 4.0