Business Communications

Strong workplace communication and leadership skills are vital to twenty-first-century success. Professionals who are adept in workplace communications are more attractive for employment, promotable, and effective. This course focuses on key communication and leadership skills vital to success: speaking, listening, storytelling, meeting skills, confidence and influence, professionalism, and more. Blending lecture with activities, videos, and examples, students get hands-on experience walking the talk and practicing skills taught each week.

The eight-week course helps professionals sharpen their workplace communication skills to be more skillful, effective, and powerful. Topics covered include enhancing credibility and influence, prepared and impromptu speaking, sharpening listening, and storytelling skills. The course also covers acquiring meeting management and facilitation skills and developing the mental ability to be creative, flexible, and adaptable in real-time. Classroom content includes a blend of lecture, discussion, video, small and large group activities, and problem-solving team assignments. Assignments will include reading, researching, and creating content to share in class.

Course Objectives:

1. Learn how to increase your credibility including ways to raise your visibility, address dissent, recover from a mistake, have difficult conversations and build a credible reputation.

2. Learn how to increase your influence by understanding the role of influence, persuasion and power inform relationships and enhance one’s effectiveness in the workplace.

3. Learn to design and deliver powerful presentations of different types.

4. Understand how to think on your feet, get your butterflies to fly in formation and effectively communicate in the moment.

5. Understand the power of storytelling by learning how to leverage story in your speeches, training, coaching, and one-on- one work with others.

6. Learn ways to sharpen your listening skills in, one-on- one and group environments as well as on the phone and in meetings, whether live or virtual.

7. Master proven techniques for planning and implementing effective meetings that generate results.

8. Explore and unleash your creativity through writing and speaking, partnering in small and large groups.

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Prerequisites :

No prerequisites

Sections :

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BUSM.X404.(4) 6/19/2019 06:00 PM SANTA CLARA $700 Craig A Harrison Enroll