Certificates Frequently Asked Question

Can I get a digital badge for my professional studies?

A digital badge for recently issued certificates, specializations, and two of our mentored certificate courses* can be used to showcase your skills on social media, link you to the latest jobs, and keep prospective employers up to date on your accomplishments.

Your Job Market Analytics

Additionally, your badge is linked to job market analytics to assist you in leveraging your accomplishments in a competitive market.

Active Job Listings

Once you've linked to your badge, be sure to check out the Labor Market Insights featuring active job postings that match your skills. The data is sourced from more than 25,000 global job boards and corporate career sites, the U.S. Census Bureau, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Updated 24/7, the listings help you find and surface jobs and career opportunities by title, location, employer, and salary range.

Claim Your Badge Today

If you received your certificate or specialization in 2019 or later, you qualify for a free badge immediately.

Highlight your skills and your commitment to professional learning, connect to the job market analytics that get you noticed, and celebrate your achievement. See qualification guidelines below.

How to Claim Your Digital Badge

  1. Review Request to Verify Completion
    Submit your request for Certificate or Specialization Review to verify that you have successfully completed all certificate requirements.
  2. Instructions
    You will be sent an email to claim your digital badge from admin@credly.com with instructions to claim your badge.
  3. Badge Reminder Email
    If you do not create an account with Credly** to get your badge, you will receive a couple of reminder emails letting you know that you’ve earned this benefit.

Next Steps

  1. Before sharing your digital badge
    Connect your LinkedIn account through the Credly platform to streamline sharing. You can also connect your Twitter, Facebook, and XING accounts to your badge profile.
  2. Posting your digital badge
    You have several posting opportunities.
    • Copy and post the unique badge URL on social media.
    • Embed the badge on a personal website.
    • Send it via email to a contact or employer.
    • Download the badge and paste the image on a resumé or add it to an email signature.
    • Send it through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp on a mobile device.

Qualification guidelines

  • People who have been issued a certificate or specialization after Jan. 1, 2019 qualify for a free badge.
    (Contact Student Services if you haven't received an invitation to claim your digital badge.)
  • If you were issued a certificate/specialization between Jan. 1, 2016 and Dec. 31, 2018, you may purchase a digital badge for $50.
    NOTE: Badges are only available for UCSC Silicon Valley programs that are currently offered.


*Certificate Courses

Graduates of the following certificate courses will receive invitations to participate in the free badge program.

**Our digital badge partner

Credly hosts the largest and most connected digital credential network, helping the world speak a common language of verified knowledge, skills, and abilities.

International sanctions affect digital badges to some country residents.

Please note if you are in certain countries—Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, Crimea and Sevastopol regions, Donbas region—you will not be able to claim your Credly badge or manage your Credly account due to Credly's sanction policy. Please view the support article for more information.

Final grades or receiving a certificate from Extension is not impacted. Only the Credly digital badge feature is currently inaccessible.