As an international student enrolled in a certificate program, you are eligible to apply for an unpaid internship

in your field of study and have two options: 

  • You can arrange your own internship and register for the internship course, for $200, you will need a confirmation form.
  • You can consult with the Internship Coordinator, who will provide outreach and support in finding
    you an internship. There is a nonrefundable $200 administrative fee for this service which must be pre-paid by completing the agreement form and e-mailing it to the Internship Coordinator at or calling to enroll at 408-450-4945.

You can gain credit for unpaid internships by enrolling in UCSC Extension’s internship course, “Business Practices for International Students,” for 3 units per quarter. In order to receive credit, interns must volunteer a minimum of 90 hours during the quarter they are enrolled. Interns may volunteer more than 90 hours, but will only receive a total of 3 units per quarter.


Whether you decide to secure your own internship or consult with the Internship Coordinator, we recommend following these steps:

1. Identify several key companies where you would like to intern. Start-ups are more flexible and open to the possibility of having an intern.

  • Send a cover letter and resume to the Human Resources Department (or another appropriate contact) at each company or respond to online ads. Be sure to indicate that you are interested in an unpaid or volunteer internship. It may be helpful to include the

    UCSC Extension Internship letter which explains the program to potential internship partners.

    Please Note: If you decide to seek placement assistance with our Internship Coordinator, we cannot guarantee placement, but will do our best helping you secure an internship.

2. If you are selected for an internship, your new supervisor will need to complete and submit this

confirmation letter. This letter includes:

  • A description of your internship responsibilities
  • Verification that you will intern a minimum of 90 hours in the quarter
  • Your supervisor’s official title and contact information

3. Once you have secured an internship and we have received a confirmation letter, you can register for the “Business Practices for International Students” course for $200. In order to apply for the course, contact the Internship Coordinator and forward the offer letter via e-mail if the company has not already. 

4. At the end of each quarter your supervisor must submit a short evaluation of your work. Your supervisor can submit a letter via e-mail directly to the Internship Coordinator or use this form. In addition, please use this form to evaluate the company at the end of your internship, so that we may issue you credit.

5. You will receive a pass/no pass grade.


Important Dates for Internships

Quarter Internship Letter Due Quarter Ends Evaluation Due
Winter February 5 March 31 April 7
Spring April 30 June 15 June 22
Summer July 6 August 31 September 7
Fall October 6 December 31 January 7