Workforce Frequently Asked Question

How do I choose my workforce courses?

Many or our partner agencies have students complete a Career Exploration Guide to determine which skills are needed for the jobs you are interested in. The results will allow you to match needed skills to UCSC Silicon Valley's course offerings and certificate programs and specializations.

Exploring our offerings

Note the details

When investigating a certificate or specialization, be sure to read the description and program requirements. Most certificate programs require both core /required courses as well as electives. Individual courses may have prerequisites or need to be taken in a certain order. Some programs offer different tracks of emphasis.

To view more details of each course, learn about the instructors, and find out when courses are taught, go to the top right corner of the course grid and click on Detail View.

Expand All allows you to view all currently scheduled courses.

Find an interesting course?

Click on the course name to see the course description and Skills Needed as well as recommended prerequisites.

To learn even more details such as texts, click on Enroll Now and read the section notes.