Enrollment Frequently Asked Question

What are my options for class formats?

From the traditional classroom and structured self-paced online experience, we've evolving to include numerous learning modes to accommodate your preferences. Especially now, at a time when it is not possible to meet in person, we are focusing on new online classroom opportunities to support your success.

We look forward to having you join us in our beautiful Santa Clara campus, but until then, please take advantage of the various remote classrooms of your choice. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have.


Students join their instructor and peers in a live-online classroom setting at set times closely resembling the traditional on-campus experience.


Class meets on-campus with an instructor at set times. (Not available at this time.)

Online Class

Students participate in online learning modules, assignments, and quizzes, submitting their work through Canvas, our online learning management system. Rather than scheduled in-person meetings with an instructor, students generally set their own pace for learning. Some instructors may schedule optional online meetings and some courses may have set deadlines.


Students meet on campus (face-to-face) or live-online (remote) at set times and participate in asynchronous online (web-based) learning and activities. A detailed schedule is in the section notes for the class.

Computer Lab

Students meet on-campus in a classroom with computers.

Hybrid Lab

Students meet on-campus in a room with computers and also participate in live-online meetings with instructors. Full schedule is detailed in section notes for the class.

Field Study/Practicum

Students participate in a scheduled activity, often with an organization or company, where they practice skills acquired in the program and acquire valuable work experience.


Class meets away from the Silicon Valley Extension campus.