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Course Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
Python Programming for Beginners 1.5
Python for Programmers 3.0
Python: Object-Oriented Programming 2.0
Linux Kernel & Drivers 3.0
Embedded Linux Design and Programming 3.0
Linux, Introduction 3.0
Linux System and Network Administration 3.0
Storage Technology in Data Centers 3.0
C Programming I 2.0
Java Programming I 2.0
Java Programming II 3.0
C Programming II 3.0
Introduction to Web Programming: JavaScript and PHP 2.0
C++ Programming 3.0
Linux Systems Programming 3.0
Linux System Performance in the Cloud and Data Center 3.0
Linux Kernel and Drivers, Advanced 3.0
Networking Fundamentals 3.0
System Virtualization Fundamentals 2.5
Go Programming 3.0

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