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TOM RICO PAMUKCU, BA, principal founder of Sounder Trials Consulting, has over a decade of experience in clinical research across institutions and indications during which he has leveraged technology to improve clinical research. He is also CEO of a startup devoted to helping patients navigate the clinical trials landscape. Previously at Genentech, he managed global clinical operations for late stage oncology trials, with particular emphasis in pediatric oncology. He created new technology tools, ranging from data capture to artificial intelligence, to enhance clinical trials. At Stanford University School of Medicine, He also managed clinical research within the Stanford Sleep Medicine Center. At the Stanford Systems Neuroscience and Pain Lab, he managed individual trials, as well as a division’s entire research portfolio including contributing investigators and staff. Pamukcu obtained his bachelor’s degree in Cellular and Developmental Biology from UC Santa Barbara and has completed post-bachelor training in Statistics and Computer Science. He is the incoming vice president for the Northern California chapter of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (NCC ACRP).

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