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"ADHD is a complex disorder that has significant implications for an individual’s academic and personal achievement. Being able to identify and work with individuals with ADHD is essential to a student’s academic success as well as personal self-efficacy."

Lynne Goldbarb, Chief Executive Educator, Doctors of Education | Consultant

LYNNE GOLDFARB, Ph.D., founder and chief executive educator at Doctors of Education™, created her company to highlight the importance of support from expert educators and their potential for a positive impact on children, adults, parents, families, professionals, organizations, and our communities. She has served as a public school teacher and public school administrator. In addition to teaching at UCSC Extension, she teaches at UC Riverside Extension and has taught at the University of Southern California. Goldfarb earned her doctorate in Education through Claremont Graduate University and has credentials in teaching and administration through the state of California. She is also a certificated educational therapist through UC Riverside, a certified memory trainer through the UCLA Longevity Center, and a certified Feuerstein Cognitive Coach, enabling her to identify and enhance an individual’s learning potential based on neuroplasticity, the ability to improve brain functions over time. Her professional career reflects an unwavering commitment to implementing research-based, transformative educational therapeutic techniques and effective educational practices with her students and clients.

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Early Childhood Education: Advanced Teacher Early Childhood Education: Associate Teacher Early Childhood Education: Supervision and Administration Educational Therapy

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the Classroom

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09-05-2024 11-07-2024 3.0 REMOTE $435.00 Enroll